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As a refreshing voice that tells perfectionism to take a hike, Lucy Neville has created a space to say it and share it like it is. A reassuring digital agony aunt at only 28, Lucy’s advice on beauty, sex, dating, body image, and everything else life throws our way is now depended on daily by her community. Every month thousands share their intimate and personal questions and stories with Lucy, knowing in return she’ll value their privacy, offer comfort and comic relief, and remind them that they’re not alone. As a ‘bestie’ to all, her community doubled in 2021 and continues to steadily expand.

Like any good bestie, she only recommends brands that she loves. Now a host of Australia's #1 beauty podcast 'You Beauty', Lucy answers listener's top beauty Q's and offers product recommendations both bougie and budget friendly. Taking her role as Digital Agony Aunt seriously, Lucy is a regular contributor for Elle and as a Content Creator Lucy has worked with some of Australia most trusted brands Including recent partnerships with Go-To Skincare, Revlon, Frank Body, Sephora, Bras n Things, Boody, Jacob's Creek, Neutrogena, Daily Blooms, Bumble, Sephora, VUSH, Marley Spoon, and many more. Her recommendations are so trusted that Lucy can no longer share her online shopping tabs at risk of everything being sold out before she hits ‘add to cart’. Lucy’s audience has grown and travelled with her. From her teenage years achieving 14 million streams as an electro-pop singer, turned beloved Mamamia podcast host of ‘The Undone’, to her current self-created content series routine of ‘Let it Out’, ‘I F*cked Up’, ‘Between the Sheets’, ’Spill the Tea’ and ‘Bestie Hotline’. In 2023, Lucy left her full-time job as a Senior Creative Producer and became a full-time content creator and model, shooting with brands such as Bonds, Bras n Things and Assembly Label.

Based in Sydney with universally relevant advice to spare, Lucy never fails to remind us how important it is to equally embrace the good, the bad, and the cringe.


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