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Ruchi Page is an Indian Australian creator, makeup and skincare enthusiast, writer, model and advocate for inclusive practice within the beauty and fashion industry. Ruchi binds two worlds of activism and makeup to inform her social platform on racism, colourism, LGBTQIA+ rights, gender inequalities, body image and her experiences of being adopted. Ruchi is the columnist behind the powerful, creative series; Faces of Australia, sponsored by MAC Cosmetics. The series landed on the Pinterest Global Ads Summit and became the first paid partnership on Pinterest, globally. With a passion for speaking her mind on the power of visibility, Ruchi was one of the shortest models to walk/debut in Melbourne Fashion Week 2022; a tribute to redefining what it means to be an Australian model. Additionally, Ruchi has spoken on panels for brands such as Allergan Aesthetics, & written for the likes of Mamamia, Adore Beauty & Centennial Beauty just to name a few.



Adoption | Body Image | Inclusion in Beauty | Discrimination | Abuse Survivor