Matt Moncrieff is a highly regarded Yamatji cook and accomplished My Kitchen Rules semi-finalist hailing from Kuwinyuwardu (Carnarvon), Western Australia. With a profound passion for Indigenous cuisine, he has garnered recognition for his exceptional ability to showcase the rich tapestry of Indigenous cooking and its vital connection to Country.

Matt's recent groundbreaking petition, aimed at introducing native ingredients into mainstream supermarkets, garnered overwhelming support with nearly 12,000 signatures. This significant achievement has catapulted him into a prominent position as a leading advocate and influential voice for the first peoples of Australia.

Boasting an extensive background in Indigenous engagement, Matt has amassed invaluable experience during his tenure of almost a decade with BHP. His role entailed negotiating complex land and water agreements with Traditional Owners, showcasing his exceptional negotiation skills and deep understanding of Indigenous cultural protocols. Notably, he has recently been offered a coveted position to manage Policy on the highly anticipated Treaty Negotiations between the State and the First Peoples of Victoria.

Beyond his culinary prowess, Matt's exceptional talent as a storyteller affords a unique opportunity to delve into the intricate facets of Country and Indigenous culture. His insights on various subjects, including effective engagement with Aboriginal communities on projects, serve as an invaluable resource for corporations seeking to integrate Indigenous perspectives into their endeavors.

Matt Moncrieff is an esteemed professional whose expertise and captivating storytelling ability provide an enriching experience, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of Country and Indigenous heritage.