Thomas Malucelli is a global fitness champion, media personality, model, writer, wellness and biohacking coach, speaker and creator. Boasting an extensive cultural experience gained through living all over the world, Thomas is a passionate advocate of the mind-body connection and is dedicated to helping others achieve their full potential.

He went from being a burnt out restaurant manager who was living for the weekend, spending most of his money on partying to finding meaning in life and connection after hitting rock bottom.

Thomas's writing has featured in outlets such as Body + Soul, News ltd, Who and Saturday ritual. He was propelled into the spotlight in 2023 when he became the Australian Bachelor on Channel 10 and has since appeared on various shows including the Channel 10 Morning Show and The Project.

Driven by a message of self-empowerment and a positive mindset, Thomas is committed to inspiring individuals around the world to reach their goals, as well as promoting mental health and wholesome living.


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