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When she was only 16, Brianna was in a house fire and received 60% burns. Defying the odds Brianna survived and continues to live a happy and fulfilled life, sharing it all on social media. After her initial burns, she went through countless surgeries and grueling physical therapy, Brianna had to learn all her basic independence skills – as simple as walking – all over again. While battling with her own physical recovery Brianna had an entirely new body to accept and grow to love, pushing through her own mental health and body positivity journey at only 16 years old.

After months in the hospital and a full year of physical recovery, Brianna found her self-love and passion for taking photos again. A passion that has led her to create her own social media platform, where she shares her journey and her life now as a burn survivor and model.

Briannas’ influence really began after winning an ambassadorship competition that led to her sharing her story on YouTube and with the world. With her following growing Brianna was able to expand on her content and begin collaborating with other Australian brands.

Brianna has been able to share her story and raise awareness around severe burns, as well as inspire others with her own passion for self-love. Through social media and various campaigns, Brianna has been able to connect with people through the body confidence movement.

After growing her following Brianna received a unique modelling opportunity that led to her profile being shared by the Australian bikini brand Moana Bikini. Since then she has modelled for them professionally and been a part of the launch of multiple Moana Bikini campaigns and collections. This was a major stepping stone in Briannas’ career and has led to even more opportunities.

Over the last 3 years, Brianna has created a community sharing her unique perspective on life and self-love, building a following of over 17,000 people. Since starting her career Brianna has worked on influencer campaigns with brands like Vush, Meshki, ModelCo, DeBra’s, Aim’n and many other Australian brands. Brianna has also modelled for the likes of Bonds Australia and walked the Stax Runway.

Brianna shared her story through a Bras n Things blog and EDT campaign, connecting with people all over Australia. She has been able to speak on podcasts like Journey to Worthy on what living with burns is like and how we can all look at ourselves differently. Brianna has shared her story with the world speaking at events like BodFest Australia and Worthy Day.


At only 23, 7 years since her initial accident, Brianna has been able to cultivate an incredible following, sharing her story with the community and helping inspire young people to accept and love their own differences. As well as offering them representation in the media, Brianna has been able to connect with large Australian brands and other well-known influencers.